I never see what has been done, I only see what remains to be done. -Buddha

This quote from the Buddha is an inspiring reminder to focus on what still needs to be accomplished, rather than dwelling on the past. It encourages us to take a proactive stance in life and build towards a better future. This quote reminds us that we are all capable of achieving greatness, but it requires effort and dedication. It also emphasizes the importance of setting goals and pursuing them with passion and determination. We have been given the tools we need; now it’s up to us to make use of them for our benefit and the benefit of those around us. The possibilities are truly limitless when we put our minds to work! By embracing this message, we can strive towards a more positive tomorrow, free from regret or disappointment. Let’s strive to be the change we wish to see in this world and make each day count. After all, what we do today will shape our future!

There is a lot of wisdom contained within this quote from the Buddha. It is an inspiring reminder that even though much has been done, there is still more to be accomplished. We can take control of our own destinies by taking action now and pursuing our goals with passion and determination. With enough hard work and dedication, anything is possible — let’s use this quote as motivation to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and those around us!

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