If a man conquers in battle a thousand times a thousand men, and if another conquer himself, he is the greater of conquerors. -Buddha

This quote from Buddha speaks to the power of conquering oneself and one’s own inner struggles. It emphasizes that while it is impressive to conquer a thousand men in battle, it is far more meaningful to conquer oneself- be it through self-discipline or overcoming adversity. Doing so is ultimately how one finds true strength and contentment within themselves. This concept applies not only to physical battles, but also mental ones such as those against fear, depression, anxiety, and other forms of suffering. By embracing our inner battles and learning how to overcome them, we are able to become greater than any outside force. Ultimately this victory gives us the strength and courage to live fully – with joy, compassion, awareness and an open heart. In this way, true success is found and sustained within oneself. So strive to be the greater of conquerors by first conquering yourself and your own inner struggles. This will open up a world full of possibilities and joy – allowing you to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

May you honor each challenge as an opportunity to grow. May you take on any obstacle with courage and faith in yourself. May you find strength and peace in conquering your inner battles, so that you can become the greater of conquerors. May this victory bring joy, understanding and compassion into your life today and always. Namaste!

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