The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows. -Buddha

The famous quote from the Buddha speaks of a truth that many of us can relate to. We all have an inner voice, our intuition which knows what is right and wrong for us, yet so often we ignore it in pursuit of external validation or pleasure.

When we fail to be true to ourselves, we may feel unhappy with the choices we make and the consequences that come with them. It is only when we allow ourselves to acknowledge and follow our inner wisdom that we truly succeed in life.

By being true to ourselves, we can create meaningful connections with others as well as contentment in our own lives. We can live authentically and embrace our unique talents, traits and experiences without fear. We are free from judgement, criticism and comparison. We can choose our paths in life and make decisions that are aligned with our values.

Living a life of authenticity is not always easy but it brings a sense of peace and purpose to our lives. We become more aware of what we truly want for ourselves and how to create it. So next time you feel doubt or hesitation about making an important decision, listen to your inner wisdom and be true to yourself. That is real success in life!

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