To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others. -Buddha

This proverb by the great spiritual leader, Buddha, encourages us to strive for personal growth and reflection. According to the Buddhist belief system, true happiness is found within ourselves and can only be achieved when we have truly conquered our innermost desires and emotions. To conquer oneself means to be in control of one’s thoughts and feelings – something that is much more difficult than defeating an enemy or adversary. It requires a commitment to self-reflection and personal improvement on both physical and mental levels. By understanding our psychological tendencies, we can better understand how to manage our behaviour in any situation.

Conquering oneself also implies the need for humility; it is important to recognize that we each have weaknesses as well as strengths, and seeking to improve our inner self is a much more valuable goal than attempting to conquer others. Ultimately, this proverb encourages us to take time to reflect on who we are and strive for personal growth and development rather than focusing solely on external success. By mastering our thoughts and feelings, we can foster better relationships with those around us; in the end, true happiness comes from within.

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